Fly Fishing Guiding Cape Town


Other than hopefully writing interesting content of use to fly fishermen we also offer a full service guiding operation in Cape Town. Fishing for wild trout on crystal clear mountain streams. The catch and release fishing rules mean that the angling is technically demanding and sight fishing is the norm for most of the season. You can find out more about our services at or contact us by e mail.

3 Responses to “Fly Fishing Guiding Cape Town”

  1. Jan Boshoff Says:

    Hi Tim

    Fished Smalblaar beat 1 on Saturday morning. Was very suprised to see 70 cm eel swimming around.

    Fished Witte Beat 3 in October and caught a few 5cm fish on a dry that looked like a yellowfish, just a shade darker. Are there Witvis in the Witte?


  2. Adrian Says:

    Hi Tim

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for taking me out to beat 3 on the elandspad river on Saturday .Was a fantastic day out and learnt a huge amount . I can only say if you want to improve your stream fishing going fishing with Tim is a must !
    I will definitely be back !


  3. paracaddis Says:

    Thanks Adrian, it was a pleasure to be able to introduce you to the wonders of our Cape Streams and I am very glad that you enjoyed it and learned something. Regards Tim

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