Who am I and what is this site about?

My name is Tim Rolston and I run a fly fishing guiding service based in Cape Town South Africa called Inkwazi Flyfishing Safaris

Basically this blog is about fly fishing, a passion you might say and hopefully it will provide a useful connection to the outside world as well as some interesting and entertaining stuff over time.

I write a regular newspaper column and a weekly newsletter for the local fly fishing club here in Cape Town South Africa, plus I am the author of a book on fly casting (Learn to Fly-Cast in a Weekend) and like to dabble in web design, fly tying, fly fishing guiding and a whole lot more. I have fished for South Africa in three World Championship events and captained the team at the Commonwealth Championships in Wales some time ago. Fishing is a passion and one that I enjoy sharing. Hopefully some of the stuff in here will prove to be of use to others and aid their enjoyment and efficiency out there on the waters of the world.

The above comments are nearly a year old and in that time it seems that I have managed to put together something of interest. The blog has now received something in the region of four thousand visits, which is gratifying. I suppose that hardly makes this the Microsoft of blogging but the thing does seem to have developed something of a following and that makes the effort seem worthwhile. I am still however rather new at this and you are most welcome to leave a comment or two. Constructive critisism will always be taken seriously if not necessarily appreciated. But then pragmatism should overcome ego on such occasions 🙂



5 Responses to “About”

  1. Mark Tollenaere Says:

    hello tim,

    nice initiative , keep on publishing.
    a happy customer from belgium

    • paracaddis Says:

      Thanks Mark, it was your initiative to be honest and so glad that you have read it. Hope all is well there, still have sweet memories of all those fish at the end of the season.. Keep well.

  2. Adrian Says:

    Hiya Timo
    A Pleasant read although i cant help beening a little envious of your day out . Just returned from st bernard 2 days fishing – hell of a way but not much decent fishing up here . Stay well and im looking forward to the next insert .Regards Adrian

  3. Mark Tollenaere Says:

    hi tim
    i made a post in http://www.vliegvissen.be/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1245 Flemish federation site

    keep up

    • paracaddis Says:

      Thanks Mark, you will note that I am very busy updating things on the blog at present and I hope that means that it will be of use to others. Much appreicate your input. The season is but a month or so time to get all geared up.. Regards Tim

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