An Ode to Dry Fly Fishing


A recent post by Dan Morris linking to an article on the Field and Stream Blog by Kirk Deeter caught my attention, it was about the ever increasing prevalence of “bobbers” on trout streams. He, like me, doesn’t think that it is quite the done thing and perhaps like much in life, whilst in moderation a level of errant behaviour can be given some leeway, an excess really is just that, excessive.

I generally fish dry flies, and I am fortunate that my local trout will most of the time eat them if they are well presented. Even then I occasionally resort to “dry and dropper” methods, or in extremis: Euronymphing or fishing with coloured nylon built into the indicator. Dry Fly Fishing is my passion, it is intimate, delicate and visual and it really is the essence of our sport, at least for many.

This “battle” between the surface and subsurface fly has lasted decades, Frederick Halford maintained that anything other than a high floating dry fly was sacrilege, whilst G.E.M Skues was villified for having the temerity to suggest subsurface patterns were perfectly acceptable in the eyes of man and God. All that back in the late 1800’s.


So with a a glass full of scotch and a belly full of righteous indignation at the use of “Thingamabobbers”  my mind turned to things poetic. The result below:

ThingamabobbersOde to the Dry Fly


Dry Flies


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7 Responses to “An Ode to Dry Fly Fishing”

  1. fdavis Says:

    Haha! Classic Tim!

  2. Roy Ward Says:

    Hi Tim

    thank you, I loved your poem.



  3. Erick Lewis Says:

    Clever rhymes, but you’ve obviously had little experience beyond dry fly fishing or are simply trolling…

    • paracaddis Says:

      Erick, I didn’t realize that one could troll one’s own blog thank you for pointing that out. But you are correct. Although I have published two books on fly tying, one on fly tackle rigging, and one on fly-casting. Have certification from IFFF as a fly casting instructor and accreditation with REFFIS, have captained the National team at both Commonwealth and World Fly fishing championships, coached both the national lady’s and men’s fly fishing teams, been a member of the winning team of our National Fly Fishing competitions, and fished Commonwealth Championships in Wales, captained the National team at the Commonwealth Championships in the UK and competed in FIPS Mouche World Championships in France, New Zealand and Spain as well as acting as a selector for our National squad I still have much to learn.

      But I do know two things: 1) There is nothing wrong with a bit of humour in any field, fly fishing included and 2) Pink plastic balloons do NOT have any place in fly fishing, not nymphing or otherwise, and I am sure that I could show you half a dozen different ways of fishing a nymph (more effectively) without resorting to a float. Kindest regards

  4. anotherwordforit Says:

    You’re a talented guy, Mr Rolston.

  5. Paddy Says:

    Once again your skills astonish! I hope this opus took plenty of time by a warm fire with a good suppy of Jamesons! P

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