Hook Sharpener Modification

Ok I am motivated at the moment, not least because this blog received over 170 views in a single day last week which encourages me that I am getting something right. I don’t suppose that Larry Page is in a state of panic but the numbers are encouraging to me at least. With that in mind some more information that comes from my new E book which is still work in progress. With our fishing season here about to start the time is right to start preparing and what better way to do that than with a little project.

After comments received from the previous post it seems that there are two kinds of anglers out there, those that don’t have a hook sharpener and those who simply can’t find theirs. (There are apparently a few who do own and use them but chaps we are obviously in the minority here).

So how do you keep your hook sharpener readily at hand and not drop it in the river on the first trip of the season?

Here is a simple diagram explaining how to modify your hook sharpener so that you won’t have those problems. The graphics come from a new E book that I am working on and which should be available shortly, ( unfortunately they don’t always render as well on the blog pages but it should be enough to give you an idea). The book  contains over a hundred tips, tricks and techniques on rigging fly fishing gear and will be available from Smashwords shortly I hope.

In the meantime there are still some downloads available for free from Smashwords and of course there is a lot of information also for free download from our website at http://www.inkwaziflyfishing.co.za/Downloads.html

Please don’t forget that if you enjoy one of the Smashwords publications to go back and leave a comment, and a rating, it is nice to know that these things are of use and of course it helps other people find stuff that they might find of value themselves.

Anyway if you want a project to get in the swing of things before the season here starts up then you could do a lot worse than getting and modifying a hook sharpener.

Remove the pen type cap and discard it.

Drill or melt a hole near the end of the plastic handle, the file doesn’t go all the way up inside of the handle so it shouldn’t be a problem to do.

Put a split ring through the hole, an old key ring will do just fine.

Attach the sharpener to your lanyard (you can download a pamphlet on making your own one from Smashwords), or attach a piece of cord and a snap swivel so that you can clip the sharpener to your vest.

If you want a copy of this diagram that is a bit clearer then you can mail me for one just click this LINK to open up your e mail program and send a message. Plus of course don’t be shy to leave a message or comment, it all helps to keep the motivation and spread the word.

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