Cape Piscatorial Newsletter July 16th

Cape Piscatorial Society Newsletter

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Had enough rain yet?

I suppose I could fish out of my window, there is enough water in the garden to easily cover a ten pound something but it doesn’t really appeal and to be frank it is too darned cold to be considering such activities. I also happen to have been particularly busy so that hasn’t helped.

On a positive note the dams around Cape Town are apparently at all time highs and that includes the new public water works facilities in main road Somerset West and Camps Bay, although rumours that we will be moving the Bell’s Festival indoors to Blues Restaurant are premature. There is a fair likelihood that the water will have subsided come September. It has however been pretty miserable out and about, if you have kids on school hols it more than likely has been pretty miserable in as well but that is another story entirely.


The only real options are some stillwater angling and I would suspect that Lakensvlei would be performing particularly well at the present time, the fish seem to revel in the colder conditions and of course you can always take a break and build a snowman next to the hut if things are a bit slow.

Just remember to dress warm and I wouldn’t even consider float tubing in a wet suit unless hypothermia is some sort of twisted sadomasochistic goal of yours.. it is going to be chilly out there with a capital “C” I would be sorely tempted to skip the beers and take soup.

There is of course fishing to be had closer at hand, with Jonkershoek hosting the Bell’s Festival on the 25th of this month and Eikendal will be open and should be offering good fishing. On all the stillwaters there is a considerable likelihood that the fish will be getting into spawning mode and acting a little strangely so orange patterns and annoying attractors are valid choices if the imitative approach doesn’t work.


Saltwater action is obviously not at its best at the present time but there have been quite a lot of snoek about so those with a boat and a hankering to get down and dirty with some big toothed denizens of the deep could well consider that an option. I haven’t been snoek angling in a long time but it can prove to be great fun and if conditions are pleasant makes for a super outing. All you need are some very large flashy flies and a fast sinking (DI7) line and you are in business. Just a case of making sure that the flies get down deep enough and that usually means that you need what ever little breeze that there may be going in the same direction as the current. Opposing forces will tend to keep the line too shallow. Plus remember that for whatever reason the fish seem not to be keen to take a fly if there is a lot of bait in the water so you need to either wait until the commercials move off the shoal or find your own fish for success. We have always used very flashy 4/0 Clouser style flies, if only because they don’t foul as easily when casting and they are something of a handful to throw without any more drama. Large dumbbell eyes keep them sinking which prevents fouling with the fast sinking lines, and remember some bite trace of wire or heavy mono you will get a lot of bite offs if you don’t.

The River season:

Now is certainly the time to start preparations, I am busy tidying up my fly tying room and there is a possibility that I shall actually be able to see the floor by September, it needs a real sort out and I have to get on with building up a stock of patterns. I have however at least put a rod rack into the cupboard so that I don’t get brained by stray rod tubes every time I open the door.

I start every winter with good intentions and this time I may actually get around to it. The promised postings of fly patterns and instructions haven’t been forgotten, although they have been a tad delayed but I will keep you up to date on that score. With the National Championships to be fished on our home waters again in October I think that the Bell’s Festival will be held in September so keep your eyes open for notification of the exact dates coming soon.

For all of the bad weather, the necessity of the electric blanket and the lighting of the gas heater every day the positive side to things is that there should be a good flow of water in the streams throughout the season , it is just now a case of waiting out the remainder of the winter months, tying some flies and being as best prepared as possible come September. It seems a long way off but it isn’t really, let’s just hope that the streams will be fishable early and we won’t have a late deluge as last season keeping us from fishing for an additional month. Withdrawal symptoms are setting in already and further delays could be hazardous to one’s health.

If you are heading out to the dams or off into the briny in search of snoek, as always “Be Careful Out There”.


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