CPS Newsletter June 2nd

Cape Piscatorial Society Newsletter.                                                                                   Thursday, July 02, 2009

Here we are a third of the closed season over with and for once the berg winds are blowing and winter seems to have taken a slight step back. If you are a meteorologist or simply a pessimistic old fart you will know that this in more than likely a harbinger of climactic holocaust to come but for now I suppose one should try to enjoy it.

There is due to be some rain today but the first part of the weekend is predicted to be warm and sunny again so a pleasant time to be out and about on a dam somewhere casting a line. Eikendal, Jonkershoek http://www.jonkershoek.com and La Ferme http://www.laferme.co.za all offer fishing relatively close to home and will provide the chance to still get away in time to watch the rugby in the afternoon.

My only trouble is that I have been so busy with tiling peoples bathrooms and laying laminate flooring that I really haven’t even considered fishing for the past week and have no plans that things are likely to change on that front in the near future.

I did venture out ,at the kind invitation of Mercedes Labuschagne, to fish at La Ferme last Sunday, the weather was great, even perhaps a little too pleasant for quality fishing but it was glorious out there in Franschoek and well worth the trip if only for the drive through some spectacularly scenic countryside. There was a pretty good turnout of anglers for their competition and although the fishing was a little slow, fish were caught, prizes awarded and I think that pretty much most of the people enjoyed there time. One of the wonderful things about such venues is that they offer a great opportunity for children to start enjoying fly fishing in relative ease and safety at the same time. Lets face it, our streams these days are not the ideal place for a young neophyte to cut their angling teeth and the smaller venues with plenty of casting space offer a wonderful introduction to fly fishing.

There were a number of youngsters fishing and I was most encouraged to see them there, in the days of PlayStation and other electronic and indoor distractions it seems that far too many children don’t get out and about anywhere near as much as they should and when you live in a place as attractive as the Cape one can’t help but think that is a pity. Not to mention darned unhealthy to boot.

La Ferme Franschoek. www.laferme.co.za

So a very big thank you to Mercedes for the invite and if you have never been to La Ferme you should plan a visit some time. What with lovely surroundings, cottages to rent and ostriches and buck wandering about the place it would make for a super weekend getaway with the kids, get in some fishing and still not requiring you to drive too far. There is a further report back and some images of the competition venue to bee seen on my Fishing Gene Blog at https://paracaddis.wordpress.com if you would like to see that. Don’t forget to link to the RSS feed on the blog so that you can be notified of updates other than the CPS news. There will be more coming along on there in the near future, including fly tying information and of course as soon as the streams open one would hope that regular updates of the state of play on our waters will feature as well.

Future events:

Don’t forget the Jonkershoek Juniors Develo Junior Fly fishing festival is to be held at Jonkershoek on the 11th, more information can be obtained from http://www.jonkershoek.com/events.html plus for the more chronologically advanced there is the Bells Fly Fishing festival on the 25th of July , that is if the juniors leave any fish in there for you. Information available from the above web site.

Fly Tying at Eikendal.

The fly-talk crew will be hosting fly tying again this evening, a regular event on the first Thursday of the month for those interested. Start time for the session is 18.30 and they repeat the demo on the following Saturday, you can reach the fly talk guys on flytalk@telkomsa.net


From all accounts the fishing at Lakensvlei has slowed down a bit of late, I suspect that the fish are getting a little distracted by the breeding season and with hormones raging they are playing silly blighters and proving a little more difficult to tempt to the fly. Still that said the fishing was tremendous before and it isn’t half bad now either but on my last visit it required some work to find fish and rewards come to those who persevere, try different lines, methods and flies and cover some water to try to find the fish.

Piscator Website:

Craig Thom has been doing quite a bit of work on the CPS website at www.piscator.co.za and things there are being revamped gradually. One of the innovations is to have revolving advertising so that all advertisers get a fair crack of the whip, you may have noticed the changes. For those with services, venues , tackle or whatever for sale to the fly fishing community the advertising offers some cost effective exposure to a selected target market and you can get your banner put onto the site for only R750 per annum, peanuts on the advertising front these days. If you are interested please contact me on rolston@iafrica.com or Craig at craig@netbooks.co.za . Should you require any assistance in designing your banner I can do that for you for a small fee so even if you are not a graphically orientated person there is no reason to miss out on the opportunity. Links to your own websites etc come as part of the package so let us know.


This reminds me that I am not sure if Craig has yet put downloadable subscription forms on the site yet? I will check up as subs are now due and we will make sure that you can get the required information from the site by next week.

Finally sorry that there has been a glitch in transposing the internet links on this newsletter to the e mail verso sent out to members, I am hoping that we will have solved that problem but if not know that we are working on making it all easier for you.

For now if you can get out fishing make the most of the weather, if not tie a few flies, the stream season is approaching faster that you think and as always it pays to avoid that made dash to the vice in August when you suddenly realize that you boxes are severely depleted. Right the sun is up and after a very early start to the day to keep you all informed I have to get on my bike and do some more work, no rest for the wicked. If you are venturing onto the water somewhere, as always  “Be Careful Out there”.


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