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June 25, 2009

Cape Piscatorial Society Newsletter. Thursday June 25th, 2009

Well not a whole lot going on in my little fishing world right now, the poor weather and the desperate need to actually do some work has sort of interfered with things a little. I did have another attempt at the carp over the weekend in the good company of Tom Southwood. Tom really just wanted to get the hang of some shortline nymphing technique before he heads up to the Orange River and he did at least hook a carp. Close enough for him to get something of a surprise as to the size of the brute but the line snapped or something and it was lost before hitting the net. Mind you it stayed on just long enough to make the look on his face a real picture.

Commonwealth Championships.

For those who haven’t kept up to date with these things it was refreshing to note that the South African Team at the Commonwealth Championships fared far better than the World Championship team and came in a credible fifth place. I have been criticized in the past for suggesting that the Commonwealths are more difficult than the Worlds and although the level of competition may be a tad lower there are other factors to consider. Not the least that in the Commonwealths, especially when held somewhere in Great Britain you are competing against almost entirely “local” teams. England fielded one team, Scotland both a men’s and ladies team, Wales two teams, Isle of Man two teams. That’s already seven teams who have intimate knowledge of the style of fishing and quite often the venues. So it is tough for the “outsiders”. The Aussies also put up two teams as did Canada , so there were only four teams to beat who one could consider didn’t have some sort of “home advantage”, and even the outsiders had the benefit of being able to share information with ten anglers per country fishing. I think that it was a great effort and well done to the South Africans a really good effort. There is some more information about the results on my blog at and full results and information about the tournament can be found at

Although my life is spectacularly boring from the fishing perspective there are a number of events and happenings of note in the near future which may well be of interest to you all.

Fly Fishing competition in Franschoek.

La Ferme are hosting one of their fishing competitions out in Franschoek on Sunday the 28th, and there is a strong rumour that I will be giving a casting demo at some point during the day. Mind you my mother always told me that pride comes before a fall, which in this instance more than likely means I shall end up with a fly in my ear and egg on my face. Wonderful language English that you could do both of those at the same time.. I understand that English is the only place in the universe where you can tread on thin ice and end up in hot water.. now there is something to think about. Details from

Juniors Fly Fishing Festival at Jonkershoek.

Then Jonkershoek are hosting in conjunction with Develo Flies a Junior fly fishing festival out at their venue in Stellenbosch on the 11th of July. You can pick up more information about the event from the following links. but just in case you think that it is only of interest to juniors there will be a raffle for a grand prize of ten grand’s worth of Sage fly fishing gear so might be worth taking your son along, entering the draw and having some coffee whilst you wait to see if you are a winner. Proceeds will go to the Pebbles project to assist children with special needs.

New Stocking at Fly Talk / Eikendal.

Phillip tells me that they have restocked and have put some fish in the bottom dam now as well, so your chances of success are accordingly increased.

Events Calendar at StreamX..
You can also access an up to date list of forthcoming local events at the following website.

FOSAF joint meeting with Yellowfish Working Group, the committee supplied me with the following information for publication to draw your attention to the following.

The Western Cape FOSAF chapter is enjoying a fresh start. We currently see yellowfish and other indigenous species as priority species in the Western Cape and would like to expand yellowfish waters for recreational as well as preservation purposes in the province. Hence, FOSAF WC would like to engage
with the WCYWG in an official meeting on Tuesday evening, 30 June 2009, at 19:00 h at the Bells Jonkershoek Flyfishing Academy. All interested parties are welcome to attend, the main objective of this event would be to select committee members for both parties and hopefully engage for future
prospects. From a WCYWG perspective, the main topics of discussion will include the draft scope of the WCYWG as set by Jan Rossouw, and stocking and regulation of yellowfish waters in the Western Cape. This will hopefully create a foundation for a positive future for our indigenous species

So there it is, all news and no news really, a lot going to be happening in the near future but not a lot to tell you about right now.

Keeping track. (Use RSS feeds to keep track of updates to this blog.)

In  case you don’t know, and to be honest I didn’t until a few weeks ago, you can be notified of updates on this blog by clicking the RSS feed notification at the bottom of the page. You can then elect to have notifications sent to your e mail (Microsoft Outlook for example) and not have to check in to see if there is anything new as you will be notified of any updates when you log into your e mail.

So as I sit the rain is hammering down outside, the rivers will be in full flood and for once I need not worry about it as the season is closed. In fact it has been almost a month and although the withdrawal is severe we are almost a third of the way through the doldrums and before too long I am going to have to start sorting out those fly boxes, organizing some new wading boots and generally getting myself in gear for spring. Well it is still a long way off but no harm in dreaming about it.

If you are venturing out over the weekend, as always “Be Careful Out There”..