Scotland Take Gold

Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships Final Results.

Images courtesy Mike Dow, CommonwealthFlyfishingScotland 2009.

Scotland take the honours, get piped at the post for the individual gold by their arch enemies from the South whilst South Africa’s team raised the game from their poor World Championship performance for a far better finish.

Scots Take Gold

Scots Take Gold

Scotland took gold in the Bowmore Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships this week, with their anglers Robert Irvine, John McCallum and Ian Jones taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places respectively and being pipped at the post by England’s Phil Dixon who took top honours with individual gold.. Which means that Englishmen took Gold at both the World Championships and Commonwealths in close succession.  England took the team silver medal and Australia the Bronze.

English Team take individual Gold and Team Silver medals.

English Team take individual Gold and Team Silver medals.

Aussies take the Bronze

Aussies take the Bronze

South Africa’s Team faired far better than their compatriots in the World Championships coming a very creditable fifth and a well done to Mark Yelland (9th), Terry Babich (13th), Ian Lourens (23rd), Cameron Anderson (28th) and Martin Ferriera 35th).

South Africa raise their game to come creditable fifth.

South Africa raise their game to come creditable fifth.

Full final results can be obtained from

I think that the South Africans could have done better if they had been drinking brandy instead of single malt but it was a good performance and the team faired far better than the World Championship team who got a bit of a hammering. Still experience will out and SA are still the new boys on the block when it comes to this form of fishing, always fishing out of their home waters and comfort zones. Given the South Africa has virtally no large trout lakes, a complete lack of drift boat fishing opportunities and that most of the team spend their time fishing for other species they did really well.

So now if we can organise a competition with brandy and coke as the sponsors and yellowfish as the target we might just kick a bit of butt. Mind you maybe we won’t? so best left alone.. 🙂

Hopefully the “Boks” will boot the Lions out of the park this afternoon in the rugby and our National Pride will be restored.. Good thing about Rugby is that you can only come second..

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