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Going Fishing..

June 9, 2009

Welcome to “The Fishing Gene” blog,

This project is still under construction but hopefully when it is working and my brain is functioning properly it will contain some useful and readable information. Right now there is work to do and fishing gear to get ready for the weekend, life is tough..

Still the weekend promises some great fishing and the cold winter weather should mean that the fish are strong fit and healthy, they seem to like the cooler temps more than I do so I have to add rain gear and warm fleeces to the fishing tackle. Plus I really need to whip up a few more flies, not because I don’t have hundreds but just that history teaches that the ones that you tie just before you go turn out to be the winners more often than not.  So a few frantic hours at the vice cold pay off.

I have borrowed Ian’s boat, he is off to the commonwealth champs in Scotland so it was a great opportunity to get afloat and a spot of drift boat fishing on our best stillwater will be just the thing to ward off those winter blues..